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Pollen Count Project

Dr. Saadeh is dedicated to the continuous pursuit of knowledge in order to best serve his patients. This includes a partnership with Dr. Nabarun Ghosh, PhD, professor of biology at West Texas A&M University’s College of Agriculture, Science and Engineering. Papers on the results of their research in aeroallergens have been given and recognized both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Ghosh (far right) and students inspect the Burkard Volumetric Spore Trap high atop the science building at WTAMU.

One major project involves the Burkard Volumetric Spore Trap (UK), located on the roof of the Agricultural & Natural Sciences Building at WTAMU in Canyon, Texas — just south of Amarillo. Air samples are collected daily and analyzed to determine the type and number of pollen and spore particles present in the previous 24 hours. From these samples, Dr. Ghosh’s lab presents the daily pollen count which can be viewed on the Allergy A.R.T.S. website, and also on the local Channel 7.

Local Pollen Count

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