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Allergy shots are highly effective because they go straight to the source of your symptoms, training your immune system to stop overreacting to harmless allergens. At Allergy A.R.T.S. in Amarillo, Texas, you can access an advanced and unique service: allergy shots containing serums mixed by experts in their on-site lab. You gain the benefit of customized treatments based on your test results. Call the office or book an appointment online with Constantine K. Saadeh, MD, FAAAAI, FACP, FACR, Nicole Davey-Ranasinghe, MD, FACP, FACR, or another team member to learn if you’re a good candidate for personalized allergy shots.

How do allergy shots work? 

Allergies develop when your immune system treats a harmless substance as a threat to make you sick. That substance gets tagged as dangerous, and then every time you encounter it, your immune system releases chemicals (histamines) that trigger your allergy symptoms.

Allergy shots, also called immunotherapy, contain tiny doses of your allergen (the substance causing your allergies). With ongoing shots, your immune system gets used to the allergen and stops having strong reactions. As a result, your symptoms improve and may disappear.

Am I a good candidate for allergy shots? 

Allergy treatment typically begins with medications that relieve your symptoms, such as antihistamines and decongestants. Your provider may recommend allergy shots if you have severe allergic reactions or your symptoms don’t improve with conservative treatments.

Allergy shots are available for airborne allergens, such as:

  • Pollen (from trees, grasses, and ragweed)
  • Mold spores
  • Animal dander
  • Dust mites
  • Cockroaches

How do dust mites and cockroaches become airborne allergens? Microscopic pieces of dead bodies and feces float into the air.

Are allergy shots customized to meet my needs? 

Most allergy specialists use one-size-fits-all serums for their allergy shots. But you get more than that at Allergy A.R.T.S.

At Allergy A.R.T.S., your serum is based on your test results and mixed to meet your unique needs. 

Their expert uses advanced software to calculate your dose and mixes your serum in their on-site lab using strict quality control standards that exceed the minimum requirements mandated by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI). 

What should I expect when getting allergy shots? 

You need to get allergy shots on a regular schedule to gradually desensitize your immune system. That typically means getting 1-2 shots each week for a period of time. During that time, your provider gradually increases the dose in each shot.

After your provider determines you’re at the optimal dose, you only need 1-2 shots every month. During this phase, the shots contain the same dose.

You keep getting shots for as long as needed to achieve optimal results. Immunotherapy builds up over time, so it can take 3-5 years or longer to reduce or stop your symptoms. 

Call Allergy A.R.T.S. today or book an appointment online to learn if you’re a good candidate for allergy shots.